402 Education 
  A special series of band saw, designed and engineered to 
  give technicians and students maximum security combined
 with the traditional solidity and quality of a ACM band saw
402 education series .jpg
Flywheels diameter___ mm 400
Max cutting height___ mm 270
Max cutting width___ mm 390
Blade length min___  mm 3560
Blade length max___ mm 3640
Table dimensions___ mm 400x500
Motor power___ Hp 1,6-2,3 (2speed)
                     440v-3 phase only 
Dust extraction___ 1x Ø mm120
Net weight ___ kg 148
Overall dimensions__ mm 770x520x1790 
402 edu upper fly-wheel .jpg
Upper wheel detail 
a 402edu Table and ceramic blade guide detail 2 web .jpg
Ceramic blade guides
Support the blade above and below
the cut,run cold and have no moving parts.
Sliding mitre fence on the table
 Door lock detail .jpg______
Door lock detail 
Self releasing kick stop detail .jpg
Self releasing kick stop
Blade tension indicator .JPG Miniatura
Blade tension indicator
Rack and pinion for table tilting double detail .jpg
Table tilting from 0° to 45° 
Security switches .jpg
Key locked security system 
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